Hirens Boot CD – NTLDR is missing – Viruses

As normal, I’ve been cleaning a lot of viruses. So far, Malwarebytes has been cleaning them up. There was a new adware / trogan virus that just recently started infecting computers so it was not detected until I ran a definition update and ran a full scan. At any rate, I’ll continue using Malwarebytes as a first scan for everything. What a great tool!

I’ve had 2 computers (OS = XP sp3) recently that would stop on boot displaying NTLDR is missing. I ran across Hirens Boot CD and was able to get it to boot from a USB drive. I copied the ntldr file from a similar computer (same OS, same model PC) and boot from USB using Hirens Boot CD on USB.
For the first computer, using the Hirens Boot “USB”, I selected the second “Fix NTLDR is missing” and the computer booted all the way to the desktop. I renamed the old ntldr file to ntdlrold and copied the new file (from the similar computer) over to the “non-booting”computer.
There was no such luck with the second computer BUT…..I used Hirens boot CD again but chose mini XP from the Hirens menu. This brought me into mini XP and I was able to rename / copy as I did above.

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One Response to “Hirens Boot CD – NTLDR is missing – Viruses”

  1. kilo (@imkilo) Says:

    I’ve been running a USB solution for fixing ntldr is missing files; and occasionally people will tell me that they can’t get the USB to work in booting the PC. I couldn’t figure it out, but it looks like Hirens can, so I’ll start referring people to this blog post from my site: http://tinyempire.com/notes/ntldrmoreinfo/usbscreenshots.htm

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