Miragreen Peas

Miragreen Peas (Elephant Garlic to the left)

Earlier this spring I was on the hunt for a good variety of shell pea. I read a lot of reviews about miragreen peas being heat tolerant and producing for an extended period of time. I found the peas on Gurneys web site (and ordered). What I failed to read was how long the vines get (4ft)!  My “trellis” was only 2 feet tall so now they’ve all fell over making it really hard to pick peas because of the 4ft vines.

This posting is to inform others! I’m really liking the peas (full shells and good sweet flavor) but if you’re going to grow them make sure your “trellis” is supported well and is a least 4ft tall. I’ve already killed a few vines trying to get to the pods (ugh).
I’ve shelled about a quart of peas so far and it looks like there may be a lot more coming.


2 Responses to “Miragreen Peas”

  1. washingtondcmetro Says:

    I like peas.

    Unfortunately we live in the woods on the side of a mountain where the “soil” is clay and rock so we can’t grow much of anything.

    If only I knew someone who had some extra peas…

  2. midmented Says:

    It was 5:30AM this morning when I went out to pick peas (nice and cool). I ended up with 4 quarts this morning. It sure does take a lot of time to pick and shell them.
    If I only knew someone that would help…

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