Facebook Virus? Tools for removal

I’ve spent my week removing pesky viruses which entered from popup ads within facebook. Most of the popups happened while people were playing games.  Believe it or not, most viruses that entered computers, came from sites outside of facebook but people were taken to the “outside site” from a popup while WITHIN Facebook. (read article I found). I don’t clean viruses using any of the tools mentioned but have my own arsenal of tools based upon the issue and type of virus.

Virus naming: Something many people do not realize is that a virus may have a different name depending upon which product is used to remove them. As I speak, I am looking at someones computer I am removing a virus from using Kaspersky  Virus Removal Tool (free from Kaspersky) and a virus was detected called Backdoor.Win64.ZAccess.bs. The same virus was detected by (unnamed popular virus software)but under a different name ((unnamed popular virus software) of course could not remove it). I’ve had good luck using Kaspersky TDSSKiller for removing rootkit viruses. These free removal tools are available free on Kaspersky’s page of “virus-fighting utilities”. WARNING: Make sure you identify the virus before using these utilities, you could have an unfavorable outcome.
On yet another computer that was hit with viruses this week from a facebook game popup, (unnamed popular virus software) was ran with ALL updates applied to not find anything? I knew the computer was still infected because all browsers (IE, Firefox, and Chrome) could not display pages requiring SSL (an https address). SSL pages would be displayed as “not found” while Chrome gave an SSL error. Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool detected the virus and successfully removed it. So much for a paid enterprise subscription to (unnamed popular virus software)!

I’m going to get back to removing the pesky virus I mentioned and save someone a few hundred bucks. A certain popualr company wanted $200 to remove it. I wonder what I’m getting paid? 🙂

+++++++++++ UPDATE +++++++++++

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool removed 3 viruses and 1 Adware:
Virus.Win64.ZAccess.b (Disinfected)

As a cleanup tool for Adware after virus removal, I always run the free version of Malwarebytes.
The result of the malwarebytes scan is “nothing found”.

Now I will run CCleaner from CNet (free tool) to cleanup internet cache and various other trash.
NOTE: I run the portable version from CNet and unzip it to a thumb drive when I want to avoid the install.

Lastly, install a virus program which they chose. (it won’t be McAfee!)

Someone will be happy to get their virus-free clean computer back tomorrow.


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