Hirens Boot CD – NTLDR is missing – Viruses

As normal, I’ve been cleaning a lot of viruses. So far, Malwarebytes has been cleaning them up. There was a new adware / trogan virus that just recently started infecting computers so it was not detected until I ran a definition update and ran a full scan. At any rate, I’ll continue using Malwarebytes as a first scan for everything. What a great tool!

I’ve had 2 computers (OS = XP sp3) recently that would stop on boot displaying NTLDR is missing. I ran across Hirens Boot CD and was able to get it to boot from a USB drive. I copied the ntldr file from a similar computer (same OS, same model PC) and boot from USB using Hirens Boot CD on USB.
For the first computer, using the Hirens Boot “USB”, I selected the second “Fix NTLDR is missing” and the computer booted all the way to the desktop. I renamed the old ntldr file to ntdlrold and copied the new file (from the similar computer) over to the “non-booting”computer.
There was no such luck with the second computer BUT…..I used Hirens boot CD again but chose mini XP from the Hirens menu. This brought me into mini XP and I was able to rename / copy as I did above.


3 Responses to “Hirens Boot CD – NTLDR is missing – Viruses”

  1. kilo (@imkilo) Says:

    I’ve been running a USB solution for fixing ntldr is missing files; and occasionally people will tell me that they can’t get the USB to work in booting the PC. I couldn’t figure it out, but it looks like Hirens can, so I’ll start referring people to this blog post from my site: http://tinyempire.com/notes/ntldrmoreinfo/usbscreenshots.htm

  2. Eric Griffin Says:

    Hiren’s boot cd does have a Fix NTLDR section in it, but from experience it just allows you to temporarily boot the OS. I’ve used your method frequently with success (MiniXP to direct copy files to the drive’s root).

    Another option is to boot into MiniXP and pull NTLDR and NTDETECT.com from an xp installation disk. They’ll be located in the “d:\i386\” folder, assuming your disk drive is “d”. Note, there are many different versions of NTLDR, so it is somewhat hit or miss if you don’t have your original disks.

  3. midmented Says:

    I thought I would mention Yumi (http://www.pendrivelinux.com/yumi-multiboot-usb-creator/) because I love the fact that this will allow a utility on a boot CD to boot from USB from an ISO image. Boots much faster from a USB 3.0 connection than an actual CD.
    Examples: MS DART tools, ERD commander, Spinrite, Acronis true image, etc.

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